Standard Gloveboxes

Vigor’s standard glovebox is a top-of-the-line glovebox model: Our super-high purifier capacity and patented sealing technology are complimentary. Vigor’s all-welded stainless-steel design minimizes potential points of leakage and allows you to have a fast and easy initial set up. Our unique seals enable our gloveboxes to experience exceptionally low leakage rates (<0.001 vol%/h). We combine our exceptional all-welded platform with the expected high quality ancillary components: Siemens PLCs, Burkert valves, Edwards vacuum pumps, General Electric fuel cell oxygen analyzers, General Electric or Michell moisture analyzers, and Fuji blowers. Our purification train is also an impressive performer: its capacity is typically 2-3 times higher than that of other gloveboxes. Any accessory that you need to make your research easier can easily be integrated since each glovebox is custom made.

Technical specifications

  • Control System: PLC by Siemens, 7″color touchscreen
  • Vacuum Pump: Oil pump,Maximum velocity: 12m3/h
  • Tube: Stainless steel
  • Main Control Valve: Electromagnetic pneumatic valve/Electric pneumatic control
  • Working Gas: N2, Ar, H2
  • Regeneration Gas: N2, Ar & H2 mixture (H2 Concentration:5-10 %)
  • Operation Mode: Closed-circuit circulation
  • Purification Area: Maximum: 5m³
  • Criterion: H2O<1PPM;O2<1PPM
  • Regeneration: Automatic programming
  • Box Pressure Control: Automatic pressure control,pedal and manual control (Adjustable Pressure Range:± 10mbar)

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Standard Gloveboxes Vigor
Gloveboxes Vigor

Custom Inert Atmosphere Systems

Vigor is ready to work with you to design any kind of system you may need, making new and challenging research projects possible.

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Application and Glovebox Systems

Vigor desigs and manufactures different types of gloveboxes, specifically for your application.

Chemical Synthesis


- Long lifespan
- O2<1 ppm H2O<1 ppm
- Low leakage(<0.001 vol%/h)
- Excellent purifier capacity(O2: 45-60L)
- Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
- Infrequent regeneration
- Low failure rate
- Safe and convenient



- Cleanroom systems
- Coating equipment
- Vacuum coating equipment
- Manual or automatic packaging equipment
- Thermal treatment equipment
- Available air conditioning system

Lithium Battery & Supercapacitor


- Excellent seal ability with long lifespan
- Patented moisture and oxygen protective devices
- Strong resistance to organic solvents
- Can integrate with different vacuum heating/drying technologies

Additive Manufacturing


- Custom enclosures around your AM machine process
- Low O2 and H2O gas management integration
- Pre-process powder packaging enclosures
- Post-process de-powdering enclosures
- Hermetic powder storage with on-board O2 monitoring

Laser Welding


- Low leakage rate
- Low moisture and oxygen content
- Ergonomic
- Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
- Process efficient
- Fast and slow purge features available